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The Fun Has Only Just Begun…


Ollie and Molly can’t get arrested. Or so they think! See what hijinks happen when they pursue their dreams and quirky love interests in the great playscape of New York City. Ollie slaves away at menial jobs while hoping to book an acting gig. Molly sits at a desk wondering what the hell happened. And why are those ponies talking to her? “Ollie and Molly” is an absurd romp through the urban jungle as they try to come to terms with the dreaded “A-word” of Adulthood — and often seek solace in a bottle. The only thing they have for sure is each other’s friendship.

We developed “Ollie and Molly Can’t Get Arrested” in Adam Szymkowicz’s class at ESPA (Primary Stages) in the fall of 2015. Now comes the challenge of production — using our resources in the greatest of cities, New York, and discovering all the steps it takes to prep, shoot, edit and release our urban fairy tale. Find out what green unicorns from the ’80s have to do with it all…

Can’t wait to get back to you with all our updates!


(i.e., co-creator Marla Yost)